Selfmade NAS with 6x3TB for ArchLinux

Hi guys, here is my configuration for a selfmade NAS with 18 TB in Raid0, 15 TB Raid 5 or 12 TB with Raid 6. You have to choose. I need this NAS as fileserver with a NFS share to do my backup from the laptop,router,server and all electronic devices also as shared folder instead of Gdrive.

As first a Intel Core i3-10100 (4C, 3.60GHz, 6MB, tray) processor that is enough for a HDD Raid who never get more than than 1500 MB/s Raidspeed. The i3 can crypt with over 3000 MB/s with AES algorithm. Raid 5 is faster then Raid 6 but is less redundant and so also less secure. You can calculate the performance of a Raid at .

I choose a RAID5 with 6x3TB WD Red Plus as harddisks. They have a single speed of 750 MB/s. As OS Disk I chosen a Samsung SDD Pro 980 Nvme. This is a fast one and should boot inner seconds. As Ram I have twice Kingston ValueRAM, DDR4, 8GB, 2666MHz because two of the fact, if I loose one Ram, so I hadn’t buy a new one, which is possibly hard to get it after years.

As motherboard I chosen the first time a Gigabyte instead of Asus. So i’m wondering,if is good, but should be nice because Gigabyte is the biggest manufacture of motherboards and solid. (Gigabyte B560I Aorus Pro AX) A problem is that this motherboard has only two SATA3 Pins so I had to take a Delock PCI Express x4 Card with 5x SATA3 Pins.The throughput is 6 Gbit/s each port.

As power supply I chosen a Seasonic Core GC 500 Gold. Is a 500W power supply and a Mercedes under the supply’s. I by far away enough power for a NAS without a graphic card or a big processor. As processor fan I‘m chosen a Noctura with the modelname Noctua NH-L12S. It’s a austrian factory and have a excellent review. The fan must be flat because the case.

The case is naturally a Fractal because I bought only Fractal and it’s looks good and it is good. The model is a Fractal Design Node 304 black.

Here you have the list and the prices of the items.

  • 1x Gigabyte B560I Aorus Pro AX 144.75 1.0 143.30 CHF
  • 1x Delock PCI Express x4 Karte 5x Port SATA 84.58 CHF
  • 4x Int. SATA 6.0 Gbit/s HDD-Kabel mit 4x 13.18 = 52.72 CHF
  • 2x ValueRAM, DDR4, 8GB, 2666MHz 2x 39.23 = 78.45 CHF
  • 1x Fractal Design Node 304 – schwarz 97.49 CHF
  • 1x Intel Core i3-10100 (4C, 3.60GHz, 6MB, tray) 122.79 CHF
  • 1x Noctua NH-L12S 61.09 CHF
  • 1x Samsung 980 Pro NVMe M.2 Gen4 – 500GB 117 CHF
  • 6x WD Red Plus – 3TB – 3.5″, SATA, 5.4k, 128MB 97.49 x 6 = 584,94 CHF
  • 1x Seasonic Core GC 500 Gold 74.14 CHF

Total without VAT = 1342.36 x VAT 7.7% = 1445,72 CHF

Here it is your config for stable good performance NAS.

You can also use Openmediavault with Debian or other NAS Software on BSD or like OMV on Linux.

Note: Fast Boot must be activeded you can do in the UEFI. Replace the Delock Card with a SATA Card from LSI. I recommend this one