Four of my all time favorite artists

I will present the Essential Mixs form Trentemoller and Hannah Wants. Hannah is a UK artist who is specialized on bass and house. Unfortunately I never see her live but Terentemoller I saw live in Bern at Via Felsenau and it was tremendous. The set unbelievable and the time seems to stop and gives no morning.

Tiefschwarz I saw at Reithalle in the big hall. It was the starting act before Sven Väth and the set was from a other star all in the hall was the same opinion that it was better than the set from Sven Väth and that means something. Timo Maas is also a all time favorite artist I’m not really sure if I saw him at Via Felsenau but I like very his sound.

2015 05 30 Essential Mix – Hannah Wants

2020 11 21 Essential Mix Hannah Wants

2006 10 14 Essential Mix Trentemoller

2006 05 28 Essential Mix Tiefschwarz

2004 11 21 Essential Mix live from Edinburgh Timo Maas